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What visitors say about us

Absolutely impressive, pure aesthetics at the highest level with great attention to detail. Recommendation level 10/10.

Eskay C., June 2024 via Google


A must-see, great exhibition.

Wolfgang S., June 2024 via Google


A great place for lovers of culture and aesthetics. An overview of design trends and an exhibition of design milestones. All in fascinating, post-industrial interiors. 

Adam, May 2024 via Google


It's an amazing museum with all kinds of things you would like to have in your home, things you already have and designs you've never seen before.

Angelique L., April 2022 via Facebook


Here you really get something to look at and touch. 4 floors at a fair price... Everything well explained and with app support. Here 2 to 3 hours fly by. Absolutely worthwhile and interesting. 

Oli, April 2022 via Google


A different kind of exhibition. I think it's top class. :) I think the best thing is that, apart from getting into vehicles, you can also try out and touch a lot of things. Permanent exhibitions with changing special exhibitions. The location and the buildings are put to excellent use and very nicely designed. I'll definitely be back again soon. 

Thomas S., March 2022 via Google


Simply a really interesting excursion into the world of design - and ideas. Above all, the fact that not only consumer goods but also industrial parts are exhibited makes it interesting. In addition, everything is very spacious and during our visit the visitors were well spread out. There is a lot to see for the price of admission. It's well worth it. 

l. L., March 2022 via Google


Brilliant museum in a wonderful historic old factory building. Here you can see and (mostly) feel everything that has been honoured with the renowned Red Dot Design Award. Often including everyday objects that some people own, from toothbrushes to Ferraris. If you visit the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex, this place is a must. 

Willy H., March 2022 via Google


I travelled to Essen especially for this museum and what can I say, it was worth it. My expectations were completely fulfilled. If you are even remotely interested in design, and in particular product design, and appreciate it, then the Red Dot Museum is a must. There is a lot to see and touch. Every now and then you might even come across products that you own yourself. Or you can get an insight into products that you wouldn't otherwise get to see because they are prohibitively expensive. Very inspiring. What's more, the very raw, industrial premises create a very interesting contrast. It took us about 5 hours to see everything. 

Luca M., January 2022 via Google


A very comprehensive and exciting insight into design and creation. And all this in a wonderful former industrial building. When we visited the museum (on a Friday), it was pay-what-you-want day! All the exhibits could be touched and tried out, making it exciting even with children. 

Thomas W., October 2021 via Google


Hidden gem! The Red Dot Design Museum is the largest of its kind in the world. There are some smaller museums in Singapore and in China. The museum is very well designed, which is in part due to the fact that modern, well-designed utility items and other objects are presented in an old industrial building on the site of the former coal mine site ″Zollverein″. A large part of the exhibited objects won the Red Dot Award just this year. The museum is larger than you might first imagine and you should bring plenty of time to take a close look at everything. [...]

Johnny19039, October 2020 via TripAdvisor


Incredible range of objects. Fabulous setting for them.

David M., March 2020 via Facebook

Very cool museum! Absolutely worth visiting.

Pepeijn V., April 2019 via Facebook