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Product of the month: the wristwatch “Acustica”

The Acustica wristwatch is designed for people who have problems with their eyesight and/or hearing. The face is especially large, contrasting and simply laid out. Additionally, the wearer can feel the time and date as a vibration or hear it as speech. The different functions can be operated and the alarm set intuitively using just three buttons. The challenge in designing the watch was to accommodate the necessary electronics, which include the battery, the vibration module, the speech rendering processor and the quartz movement, in a streamlined and elegant case.

The product of the month was chosen by Jana Zec, Managing Partner of Red Dot. She gave the reasons for her choice as follows:

“The watchmaking industry often markets watches as status symbols – generally its focus is not on people with disabilities. This makes Acustica all the more remarkable, as a watch developed specifically for people with eyesight and hearing problems that looks fantastic, can be used intuitively and also very discreetly thanks to the vibration mode. It means that this watch is free of any stigmatising elements, giving these people back some quality of life.”


Information on the product: 

Talking and vibrating wristwatch
Manufacturer: SZBLIND, Schweizerischer Zentralverein für das Blindenwesen, Lenzburg, Switzerland
Design: CECIL & CECIL, Sebastian Muniz, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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