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Product of the month: the “Xperia Touch” projector

Xperia Touch is a portable projector that projects content onto any surface such as a wall or a table top, transforming it into an interactive touchscreen. Xperia Touch fascinates users with its understated and compact design that coherently integrates all of the components. The product not only makes it possible to control the projection with simple, intuitive gestures, thus facilitating complex interactions, it also searches for information and starts apps via voice control.

The product of the month was chosen by Louisa Milk, Director Red Dot Design Award. She gave the reasons for her choice as follows:

“The Xperia Touch projector transforms almost any surface into an interactive screen, making a touchscreen out of a floor, table, wall or a cupboard. It is a useful presentation aid in smaller meetings, as it can also be used to take photos, videos and for video conferences. Equally it can be used as a practical kitchen aid: The projector can simply project recipes etc. onto the work surface or the kitchen table so you don’t have to use sticky fingers on a screen or to leaf through a book. In brief: Xperia Touch redefines the limits of visual presentation in an original way.”

Information on the product: 

Xperia Touch
Portable Projector
Manufacturer: Sony Mobile Communications, Tokyo, Japan
Design: Sony Corporation, Arinobu Ueda, Keishi Tsuchiya, Masanori Matsushima, Simon Henning, Tokyo, Japan

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