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Product of the month: the radiator “Ribbon”

When designing the “Zehnder Ribbon” bathroom radiator, the designers were inspired by architectural structures with multiple levels. The result is a radiator with diagonal flat tubes that wrap upward like ribbons around the frame of the radiator, creating two levels of depth. These ribbons not only give the product its name, but also inform the radiator’s clear, graphical appearance. The flat tubes make it possible to construct a slimline radiator and provide plenty of space to hang up bathroom textiles for drying or warming. Zehnder Ribbon was designed by Italian design duo Perry King and Santiago Miranda. The radiator won a Red Dot in this year’s competition.

The product of the month was chosen by Burkhard Jacob, Head of the Red Dot Institute. He gave the reasons for his choice as follows:

"A radiator is one of those products that don’t necessarily spring to mind first when you are planning a new bathroom. Even when modernising their bathrooms, consumers generally focus on fittings, bathroom furniture and wash basins. Radiators lead somewhat of a niche existence. That's because anything that proves itself as a matter of course in daily use is rarely a conspicuous item. This is not the case for Zehnder Ribbon: The well-conceived design of the object plays with the aesthetics of the technology and blends into the design of the room in a graceful and understated way. It is the distinctive yet subtle shape of the Zehnder Ribbon that makes it stand out in any bathroom. Nothing needs to be added or taken away. Ribbon has functionality, utility and aesthetics all tied up."

Information on the product: 

Zehnder Ribbon

Manufacturer: Zehnder Group International, Gränichen, Switzerland

Design: King & Miranda Design, Milan, Italy

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