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“The Greek Monsters” by Beetroot: Minotaur

Every year, in the course of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design, one special title of honour is being awarded: The distinction as Red Dot: Agency of the Year appreciates highest creative performance of communication professionals. In 2011, the best agency came from Greece. It is relative small and named after a very healthy vegetable: Beetroot. Within the special exhibition of the agency of the year, the creative minds presented “The Greek Monsters”: a self-ironic work which was inspired by the country’s mythology and which alludes to the criticism on all what origins from Greece.

In a fascinating and unique way, Beetroot Design Group stages its reinterpretation of “The Greek Monsters”: In the past as well as in the present, the terrifying and ugly creatures were misunderstood. The Minotaur for example, is a human-shaped monster with a bull's head that lives in the Labyrinth of Knossos and regularly calls for human sacrifice. But Beetroot sees behind the curtain and uncovers the truth: Actually, it is not a furious monster, but a misunderstood, wrongly condemned creature that basically longs for friendship and love. Thus, Beetroot creates a positive message in an impressive way: Even if Greece is represented as the “evil monster in Europe”, there are, of course, successful and hard-working communication professionals who provide excellent creative achievements and enthuse the Red Dot jury on a regular basis.