DEEN Red Dot Award




Red Dot Design Museum

Communication+ Tree

When the Lenovo Design & User Experience Team was awarded the honourary title Red Dot: Design Team of the Year in 2013, the Chinese computer manufacturer staged a special exhibition in the Red Dot Design Museum, which focused on a central aspect of our time: communication.

The heart of the presentation was a sculpture, consisting of 6,000 sheets, based on an idea by Yao Yingjia, the design team’s Vice President. The seven meters high self-sustained artwork, which features a subconstruction made of steel in the form of a tree, can still be seen in the White Hall of the museum. The sheets of transparent paper in three colours and sizes bind to the tree, were manually threaded on nylon cord and fixated and weigthed down with plummets.

In almost 300 working hours an installation arose, which symbolises the origin of our modern communication. It has changed from a simple media like paper – whose base the tree is – to the latest advanced technology of today’s digital era.

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