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The quality of use

“Good design makes a product usable” is one of the ten theses of good design formulated by the German industrial designer Dieter Rams (*1932), who became world famous mainly as the head of design at Braun. At a first glance, quality of use seems to be intertwined with quality of function, but it refers to something different. There are things that, viewed in isolation, function perfectly, but are difficult to use. The easier a product is to operate – in other words, to use – the greater is its benefit to the user.

Fiskars Comfort Nozzles and Wands are a good example of the distinction between use and function. Their function is to make it possible to water plants in the garden and on balconies. In this case, however, spray nozzles and watering wands mean that plants can be reached effortlessly and with high precision. E-bikes VanMoof S3 and X3 are equally fascinating in use. Their powerful engine and electronic automatic shifting make them easy to ride. A matrix display in the frame’s top tube, the virtually invisible integrated Kick Lock and additional functions increase user friendliness. SmartDrape Shades window drapes are made from transparent material panels that can be turned at will to appear transparent or closed. They also allow you to pass through unhindered, thus creating a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. The cargo robot gita is designed to attentively accompany an individual while carrying up to 20 kg of cargo and also offers a special user experience.  Two independently moving off-centre wheels make the robot highly agile. It is easy to operate via just two buttons.

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VanMoof S3/X3

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