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The quality of seduction

As the French-American designer Raymond Loewy (1893–1986), one of the pioneers of product design, already knew, “ugliness does not sell”. Aesthetic qualities that are not primarily focused on the purpose and use of an object, but are instead based on the pursuit for beauty, should therefore complement functional design considerations.

An example of a product which clearly displays the quality of seduction is the Hyundai Robot YL012. This working robot is far from being purely functional in design. Its flowing stylistic idiom gives it the appearance of being alive, removes any fear of contact and makes it immediately likable. Another example is the AERO jet helmet which not only offers outstanding aerodynamic properties thanks to the innovative integration of the visor into the overall shell, but also has a clear, extremely distinctive design vocabulary and a high recognition value. The Ruy Ohtake washbasin by Roca on the other hand is fascinating because of its delicate ceramic bowl and organically curved silhouette that gives it an emotional component. Last but not least, the ZEISS ZX 1 camera will impress visitors with its perfect combination of form, function and aesthetics, as well as its special tactile qualities.

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Hyundai Robot YL012 working robot
ZEISS ZX 1 camera