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The quality of responsibility

Can design increase quality of life in a responsible way? Taking climate and demographic change alone, the quality of responsibility is now more important than ever before. The design of a product always includes responsibility towards people and the environment. Before the product development process has even begun, companies and designers can develop ideas that make the design and manufacture of the product more sustainable, durable and therefore more environmentally compatible.

The LARQ water bottle for example is able to purify water directly in the bottle thereby making sterile drinking water available anytime, anywhere. The cranial orthosis Talee on the other hand, which is used to treat infant cranial deformities, uses 3D technology to make it adjustable to each infant. With its child friendly design, it also counteracts the stigma these children feel. And the stair climbing wheelchair Scewo Bro gives people with a disability a new sense of freedom and a better quality of life. With its help, they are once more able to manage stairs and steps independently. An eco-friendly production process was the focus of the design for the Neoknit luggage collection. It is manufactured from woven, fully recycled polyester yarn (RPET) under minimal use of materials. Production takes place in a ground-breaking, virtually closed production cycle.

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LARQ waterbottle
Talee cranial orthosis