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The quality of function

The question at the start of any product development process is, how a specific purpose can become an object? What form does that purpose lead to? What technology, what material are particularly suitable to achieve this? The answers to these questions result in a product that works, that functions. Not everything that is functional is, however, good to use.

An example of quality of function can be seen in the Petit Pli children’s clothing collection, whose purpose is to accompany children over a long period of time, as the articles of clothing grow with the child over many months. This is made possible by an innovative fabric structure which allows the garments simply to be stretched to the right size. Another product that is outstanding in terms of function is the Steelworks bicycle frame, which is made of steel and yet combines the properties of aluminium and carbon. Track&Trace on the other hand is a location system for use in factories with Internet connectivity, which was designed specifically to solve problems with signal reception. The da Vinci SP surgical system, finally, improves surgeons’ vision, precision and control in minimally invasive operations. 

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Steel bicycle frame Steelworks
Children´s clothing Petit Pli