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The quality of function

The question at the start of any product development process is, how a specific purpose can become an object? What form does that purpose lead to? What technology, what material are particularly suitable to achieve this? The answers to these questions result in a product that works, that functions. Not everything that is functional is, however, good to use.

One example of quality of function is InFloat, a shipping system for transporting living microorganisms securely. It is designed as a freely suspended cone-shaped container that floats on water in the inside of a square external box. This keeps the content upright all the time. Another product that is exceptional in terms of its function is Downdraft Cookware, developed specially for downdraft extractor systems. The pots have an opening at the upper edge that allows steam to be pushed downward through the air outlets integrated in the glass lids and collected directly by the extractor system on the cooking surface. Next, Arctic Patrol Modular Parka is an impressively complex yet practical jacket system. Featuring an iconic design, its perfect functionality makes it ideal for use in cold climates. Last but not least, the Atlan series of anaesthesia devices features an innovative modular concept that allows for a workstation to be configured perfectly and thus raises efficiency.


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Arctic Patrol Modular Parka
Downdraft Cookware

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