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Red Dot Design Museum

Simplicity - the principle of simplicity in design

Special exhibition
01 October 2019
until 12 January 2020

In the age of digitalisation with its complex products, simplicity is more important than ever. In order to communicate the advantages of this design principle, the Red Dot Design Museum is showing the "Simplicity" exhibition from 1 October 2019 to 12 January 2020.In the exhibition, visitors will discover products that are characterised by simple handling, purist aesthetics and unparalleled functionality. All exhibits have one thing in common: they show how designers have met the increasingly complex environment with simplicity over time. The products make it clear that the renunciation of decorative decorations and the resulting simplified design language in no way means a reduction in quality or comfort. True to the motto "less, but better", they enrich the product world and contribute to improving the quality of life.


Admission: 9 € (Reduced: 4 €)
Children under 12: Free admission

Current issues

Simplicity - the principle of simplicity in design
01 October 2019 - 12 January 2020

Important note

Please note: The Red Dot Design Museum will be open on Monday, 26 August 2019. Due to the dismantling of an exhibition, however, a small part of the museum is not accessible. Visitors therefore pay an admission fee of only 6 euros (instead of 9 euros, reduced: 4 euros).