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Red Dot Design Museum

People Driven

Special exhibition
08 July 2014
until 03 August 2014

In 2014, the Swedish design and innovation agency Veryday was honoured with the honorary title “Red Dot: Design Team of the Year” for its exemplarily and internationally successful work. In the exhibition “People Driven”, the think tank presents its best achievements: designs that empower people in their everyday life. Veryday believes that user-centric solutions based on genuine user insights can empower, enrich and energise brands and the people they serve. Already since 1969, the company has pursued its people-driven design philosophy and design practice. Everything Veryday designs is the result of deep insights into what people really need, feel and desire. The exhibition demonstrates how they strive to honour this belief in every project they undertake.

On display are iconic products such as the SAS-coffee pot, the Babybjörn carrier, the November chair, and EzyStove, proofing Veryday’s unique design approach. All works are the result of an elaborate combination of people insight and business innovation. Moving forward into a digitally connected world, this approach is as relevant as it ever was. Products created by Veryday stand for innovative designs which can increase the quality of life for people of all ages: from sleepy babies to busy parents or active grandparents – around the globe.

Admission: 9 € (Reduced: 4 €)
Children under 12: free admission

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Important note

Due to an event, on Wednesday, 4 March 2020, the museum closes already at 5 p.m. (last admission: 4 p.m.).