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Red Dot Design Museum

Formosa Forms - Design trends in technology and lifestyle from Taiwan

Special exhibition
01 October 2014
until 30 November 2014

Sculptural lamps, high-performance notebooks and elaborate bicycles: With well-designed products from various life worlds, Taiwan ranks among the world market leaders in the design sector. With the special exhibition “Formosa Forms – Design trends in technology and lifestyle from Taiwan”, the Red Dot Design Museum Essen presents selected designs from Taiwan from 1 October until 30 November 2014.

Well-shaped and innovative products and communication projects document contemporary developments of Taiwan. They testify to the identity of the once “Ilha Formosa” (beautiful island) called insular state in the Western Pacific. The exhibits show the contrast as well as the symbiosis of tradition and modernity and illustrate the present design understanding of Taiwanese manufacturers and designers. All of the drafts stand for prizewinning design – they were decorated with the Red Dot and the Golden Pin Design Award.

Already in the early 1990s, the Asian nation focused on an economy-minded design strategy for the Taiwanese key areas of its economy, including computer technology and mobile communications. With the turn of the millennium more and more non-technological consumer products gained center stage: bicycles and sporting goods, light fixtures and furniture, even children’s toys and writing implements. But also the potential in the field of life science was realised. Today, traditional forms and materials influence design. The use of bamboo and variations on tea services testify to it and underline the Chinese identity. This tendency is especially noticeable in packaging designs, where technologically complex products are combined with traditional elements of form.

“Formosa Forms – Design trends in technology and lifestyle from Taiwan” presents about 100 exhibits of Taiwanese manufacturers and designers, illustrating the nation’s contemporary design understanding. The special exhibition shows how design helps companies to create visibility and recognition and thus a strong identity. Taiwanese computers, bicycles and packaging designs are ambassadors of the country and are used by consumers all around the globe.

Admission: 9 € (Reduced: 4 €)
Children under 12: free admission

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